All year round

Unlike almost any other holiday area, Tahoe is a year-round destination with two quite different "busy" seasons - summer and winter. This means that there is no long stretch with almost no visitors, and most businesses can stay open with clients all year round.

Especially for those who aren't tied to US working patterns, that means it can be truly delightful at any time of year.

 In spring there is a gradual switch from snow-based daytime activities to summer ones, when locals switch from snow-skis to water-skis. 

In mid September the pace is relaxed, with warm days and cool nights as the arrival of snow is anticipated. 

Day to day shopping is catered for with 2 large supermarkets, as well as specialsit sports equipemeent stores for ski hireetc.

North Lake Tahoe in particular is home to a very large number of extremely wealthy second home owners, and commercial architecture style is tightly controlled with no high-rise developments.

 This is reflected in the quality of shops ands restaurants, with lots of high-class  speciality stores  when retail therapy is needed after a hectic day on the slopes or the hiking trails.  

And of course there are ample opportunities for refreshment.... 

..... in Tahoe City alone there are 23 different restaurants - not bad for a town with only 1600 permanent residents.


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