The SkyLake Club

The SkyLake Club is a small private group of families who own a holiday home at Lake Tahoe in Northern California.  There is currently a membership vacancy, so please look around the site and if the idea appeals to you, get in touch as soon as possible.  The price of a share in the syndicate is is determined by market conditions, but the minimum calculated in accordance with the auditors' valuation on liquidation value is £17,000.

Contact Steve Last, the syndicate's chairman 

Phone: (+44) (0)1628 484003 or (+44)7535 493356.  Email:

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In the Sierra Nevada mountains north-east of San Francisco, in some of the world's most stunning scenery. Superb facilities for both summer and winter sports make it a unique year-round holiday area. 

A 4-bedroom house on a private development close to the lakeshore. Swimming pools and tennis courts are on the spot, and shopping is close at hand. Golf courses and ski areas are within easy reach.          

The syndicate is set up to provide maximum fun, with  no hassle. The most cost-effective ownership tailored to your individual needs  eliminates concerns about the practical problems of holiday home ownership.


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